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Environmental protection and sustainability have been hot topics in manufacturing for many years. And though many see environmental regulations as an insurmountable hurdle, some leaders run far ahead of regulators with eco-friendly equipment and processes that protect the air, water and land on which they operate.

Among those advocates of an environmentally friendly approach is John Macklin, president of Magnus LLC, a bronze foundry that manufactures bearings. Magnus recently completed a four-year voluntary environmental cleanup initiative and was recognized with an Environmental Stewardship Merit Award from the American Council of Engineering Companies-Nebraska.

“Our stewardship mentality,” John explains, “led us to want to test our soils and inform our neighbors and employees of any potentially harmful conditions or affected areas, if any, and remediate those problem areas.”

According to John, being environmentally conscious brings three key benefits to manufacturers.

1. You’ll be a better neighbor.

Your neighbors deserve to know what potential hazards exist or may affect their properties. Monitoring of the soil and air can put residents nearby at ease and convey that you’re concerned with your carbon footprint and your impact on the environment.

Neighbors that feel they’re being informed are much more likely to support your company’s activities.

2. You’ll have healthier employees and happier customers.

Modern processes, machinery and ventilation systems that minimize environmental impact often improve safety and can also reduce the risk of short- and long-term impact on employee health.

When properly conveyed and communicated, environmentally friendly capital investments can boost relations with employees.

Customers appreciate sustainability as well, and more will in the years ahead as more “millennials” move into decision-making ranks. So associating your brand with being environmentally conscientious can position you for better customer relationships.

3. You’ll save money in the long run.

Up-to-date equipment that reduces environmental impact will in many cases also reduce energy and utility bills, as well as costs for some supplies. Green practices may also provide you with tax credits and incentives at the state and federal levels.

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