Quality and Safety

Committed to Excellence, Safety, and Continuous Improvement

Quality and Safety

A. Stucki has multiple quality initiatives in place to ensure complete customer satisfaction with both our products and our service:

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement encourages all employees of an organization to evaluate how work is done and look for ways to improve productivity at every level. At Stucki, we see it as the relentless elimination of waste to make our processes safer, easier, better, faster and more economical. Action plans are regularly implemented at all our locations to identify unsafe conditions and eliminate potential hazards, while regular audits and inspections are completed by trained personnel to ensure strict compliance to established policies and procedures. Continuous improvement is not about turning wrenches faster. It’s about eliminating the waste that prevents us from turning those wrenches properly in the first place. At Stucki, we’re committed to best practices and the highest standards of workplace operation and safety — for the good of both the company and our dedicated employees.


A. Stucki Company prioritizes the safety and wellbeing of its employees. We consider safety a core value and are dedicated to providing a safe working environment for everyone. This commitment is reflected in several key aspects:

Comprehensive training: All management and staff undergo thorough training on safe work practices, including monthly sessions focused on specific hazards and safe task completion.

Safety manual: The company maintains and regularly updates a manual that defines all safety requirements, policies and programs.

Audits and inspections: Our corporate safety policy mandates regular audits and inspections at all facilities to proactively identify and address potential safety issues.

Collaborative approach: We actively solicit input from employee committees to gain valuable insights and perspectives for maintaining a safe and healthy workplace.

Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that every employee returns home safely at the end of each workday.

Quality Assurance Policy

Through dedication and teamwork, the A. Stucki Companies will meet or exceed our customers’ expectations by providing quality products and services through continuous process improvement.

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