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Stucki personnel recently traveled to Laredo, Tex., to train representatives of an important logistics partner in the proper handling and shipping of inventory material stored near the Texas-Mexico border.

SAMANTHA POPLOSKI, manager of strategic sourcing for logistics, and MARILENA MOORBY, inside sales manager, provided employees of DALKO Resources with in-depth training on using Stucki’s SAP software system for shipping and receiving, along with other standard processes for handling materials.

DALKO is an international freight forwarder and broker based in Sharpsville, Pa. The company opened the Laredo facility in 2013 and since then has been handling materials transported to and from Stucki de Mexico, which is located in Monterrey.

“Brake beams are the only items we currently store there, but there are other materials that pass through for customs purposes,” said Sammi. “The inventory is being reorganized to keep the materials separate, and the count is tracked in our SAP system.”

Marilena, who had previously handled the SAP system and paperwork, trained members of the DALKO team on using the software to run reports, process shipping orders and keep track of inventory. “The DALKO staff was accommodating and eager to learn,” she said. “It was a collaborative effort, and we’re confident they’ll do a great job moving forward.”

Stucki team members Sammi Poploski (center, gray t-shirt) and Marilena Moorby (next to her, dark shirt) traveled to Laredo, Tex., to train DALKO Resources personnel in updated inventory procedures.

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