Coil Divider Bar

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Coil divider bars play a vital role in steel coil transportation by effectively distributing the load in your railcar and maintaining coil integrity.

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Protects coil integrity

Reduces maintenance costs

Optimizes space utilization

Ensures even load distribution

Maintains coil shape

Improves railcar stability


A. Stucki’s 84-inch Coil Divider Bars, constructed from durable carbon steel and polyurethane, serve as indispensable components installed on each side of the coil. Designed to ensure optimal load distribution, the coil remains securely supported, maintaining its shape and preventing deformities that can occur during transit.


Minimize the risk of sagging and warping railcars which can lead to costly damages and compromised product integrity. By providing load distribution, coil dividers play a pivotal role in the car’s endurance which helps it meet its 50-year AAR life. If you are transporting heavy loads or are concerned about the stability of your railcars, a coil divider bar may be a good option for you.