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About A. Stucki Company


A. Stucki Company was established in 1911 by Arnold Stucki, a talented Swiss engineer who moved to America and thrived in the rail industry. His innovative side bearing design stabilized rail cars and became an industry standard, and by the 1950s almost all North American railroad companies used Stucki roller side bearings.

Today, the entrepreneurial spirit and engineering prowess of Arnold Stucki live on in the company that bears his name. In recent years A. Stucki Company has focused on growth and diversification, acquiring accomplished suppliers of machined components, springs, bearings and other products, as well as critical manufacturing and logistics services.

Through its four manufacturing divisions, Stucki provides advanced engineering, manufacturing, fueling and maintenance services to the rail industry:

– The Engineered Products division focuses on the design and manufacture of superior rail products to serve customers in the leasing, OEM, railroad and shipper market segments.

– The Reconditioning and Repair Services division provides the leasing, OEM, railroad and shipper market segments with advanced maintenance and repurposing of key rail components.

– The Locomotive Fueling and Support Services division provides direct-to-locomotive fueling to Class 1 railroads, along with oil, sand, water and waste removal.

– The Maintenance of Way division focuses on the design and manufacture of new/relay rail, switches, track spikes and crane rail to serve our railroad and contract services customers, while also providing locomotive repair services to our railroad, shipper and leasing customers.

Today’s A. Stucki Company is committed to providing world class products and services that add value and drive transformational change for our customers in the rail industry


Our Mission:​

Be the best in the industry. We deliver innovative products and services that improve safety, reliability, and efficiency for our customers in the transportation industry.

Our Vision:​

We strive to be the best performing and most customer-focused partner by providing solutions through collaboration and creativity that drives growth and value for our customers, employees, and shareholders.


John O’Bryan – CEO

Mike Delfin – CCO

Kyle Kolde – CFO

Rick Clary – CHRO

Mert Yilmaz – President of Engineered Products

Scott Driggers – President of Repair & Reconditioning

Phil Pietrandrea – President of Maintenance of Way

Jeff Chesler – President of Locomotive Services



A. Stucki Company is a leading supplier of highly engineered parts and services for the rail industry. Founded in 1911, Stucki has grown and diversified over the years to supply dynamic control products, brake system components, springs, bearings and track infrastructure and other products, as well as remanufacturing, repair, direct-to-locomotive refueling and additional services. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, the company operates 21 facilities throughout the United States, Mexico and Brazil. Stucki was recapitalized in late 2022 through an investment led by Stellex Capital Management

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