Management Buyout of A. Stucki Company, Including Independent Draft Gear, American Industries Divisions, Stucki do Brazil, Stucki de Mexico, and A. Stucki Rail (Ukraine) Subsidiaries

[PITTSBURGH, PA] A. Stucki Company announced today that it has successfully completed a management-led buyout of the railroad products operations of Hansen, Inc. with additional financing provided by Gladstone Investment Corporation. The purchase includes A. Stucki Company as well as its two divisions, Independent Draft Gear and American Industries. Its international subsidiaries, Stucki do Brazil, Stucki de Mexico, and A. Stucki Rail in the Ukraine are included as well. The terms of the buyout were undisclosed.

The conclusion of the deal means that A. Stucki Company and its subsidiary operations will continue to be led and operated by its current management team. The new ownership will continue to exercise complete control over the company’s direction as well as the products and services it offers to its wide customer base. Additionally, the management team will continue to develop and implement its vision for the company, which is to build upon and enhance its position as a leading supplier of quality, safe, and reliable railcar products and services in the market.

Commenting on the buyout, Bill Kiefer, President and CEO said: “This deal is undoubtedly the most significant in our company’s long history. It is a critical move in our ongoing effort to grow our product offerings and level of service we offer in the railcar industry. Most importantly, this buyout underscores our employees’ dedication to our customers, the industry, and the continued success of our company.” Kiefer said.

The company will continue to design, manufacture, and market dynamic control and brake products for freight railcars through A. Stucki Company, and offer reconditioning and repair services for a multitude of railcar components through Independent Draft Gear and American Industries in Pennsylvania and the mid-west.
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