[PITTSBURGH, PA] A. Stucki Company is pleased to announce that it has been recognized by the International MarCom Creative Awards for its 2006 advertising campaign “Look What We’ve Become,” as well as its corporate capabilities information kit.

The International MarCom Creative Awards is an international competition for marketing and communications materials and programs. The A. Stucki Company advertising campaign was recognized with the Platinum Award, the highest achievement for the MarCom Creative Awards. More than five thousand entries were received from applicants within the United States as well as from several foreign countries for the 2006 competition. About fifteen percent of the entries were Platinum winners. Additionally, the company’s corporate capabilities information kit was awarded a Gold Award, which honors work that is consider to exceed the high standards of the industry norm.

“We are extremely honored and proud to have our marketing and communications initiatives be recognized by such an important organization,” said Jeff Vodar, vice president of sales and marketing for A. Stucki Company. “We made some significant changes in our marketing approach this year, and this validates the decision was the right choice,” he said.

Featured in one of the advertisements was Victoria Bowermaster, a design engineer with A. Stucki Company. The company is also pleased to announce that she has won the 2006 League of Railway Industry Women’s (LRIW) “Member of the Year” award. Victoria has been a very active member of the LRIW since 1999, serving as secretary for several years and most recently as Webmaster. Victoria has been with A. Stucki Company for seven years. “We are very happy to see one of our employees honored for the hard work and dedication they provide to organizations that help the rail industry excel,” said Jim Kennedy, vice president of engineering for A. Stucki Company.

Company Information

A. Stucki Company is an industry-leader in the manufacture and supply of railroad components including constant contact side bearings, resilient friction shoes, hydraulic stabilizers, draft gears, and brake beams. The company also provides freight and locomotive component repair and reconditioning services through its American Industries and Independent Draft Gear businesses. The company was founded in 1911, and has been privately owned ever since. For more information visit www.stucki.com.
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