Sales & Core Purchase Program

Independent Draft Gear is committed to providing service that meets the individual customer’s needs. Therefore, we offer a variety of programs, many of which can be further tailored to meet your company’s special needs. These programs are:
  1. Unit Exchange - Independent Draft Gear will recondition and return customer’s draft gears. Having a large finished goods inventory of reconditioned draft gears also allows IDG to offer reconditioned gears of the same group but not necessarily the same model for immediate return. Customized Unit Exchange Programs are also available from IDG.
  2. Out-Right Sale/Core Repurchase - In that many draft gear users purchase their draft gears through a purchasing department and sell the cores they generate through an asset disposition department, IDG does negotiate special buy/sell programs that optimize both the sale price of a reconditioned draft gear and the purchase of a like group used core.
  3. Consignment - As an alternative to the Out-Right Sale Core Repurchase Program above, IDG will consign qualified customers a stock of reconditioned draft gears to employ in car rebuild programs. This program makes reconditioned gears available to be installed in cars being rebuilt while generating the cores as a Unit Exchange. Pricing is consistent with the Unit Exchange Program. Consignment may also be available as an Out-Right Sale Program to qualified customers.
  4. Out-Right Core Purchase - IDG frequently purchases reconditionable draft gear cores. Pricing varies by gear model and IDG inventory requirements. Arrangements to buy all cores generated by a single source are common at IDG.
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