Since being founded in 1911 by Arnold Stucki, A. Stucki Company has led the industry in the development and application of railcar dynamic control products. In the early days, the company focused on the design and manufacturing of roller side bearings. During World War I, the majority of U.S.R.A. (United States Railway Administration) cars were equipped with A. Stucki Company designs. In 1925, the company revolutionized their side bearings by manufacturing an all-rolled-steel product that became increasingly popular on American railroads.

Today, we have a dominant presence in the U.S. and worldwide through our three operating companies: A. Stucki Company, Independent Draft Gear, and American Industries. We now offer a total solutions car package consisting of the highest quality products and services available to the freight and industrial railroad markets.
Arnold Stucki 1862 - 1948

Arnold Stucki
1862 - 1948
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