Railcar/Freight Car Parts Repair and Reconditioning

American Industries is a leading provider of railcar repair and reconditioning services to the railroad industry. Our AAR certification repair work at a welding station and state-of-the-art equipment allows us to deliver excellent service and quality at a reasonable cost.
Repair Shop

Repair Shop
We stress adherence to standards and perform multiple inspections throughout the service process to ensure meeting AAR specifications. Each station in our railroad parts reconditioning shop is completely equipped with burning, grinding and multi-process welding equipment, as well as all required AAR approved gages.

One area is dedicated specifically to bolster bowl removal and reapplication. Our shipping and receiving area has loading docks and overhead cranes to enable a quick turnaround for all inbound and outbound trailer loads. Inbound and outbound shipments can be made by truck and rail.
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